Our services

Fraud risk management and compliance related issues pose a number of problems for corporations.

Services provided by Deloitte Forensic Center focus on providing businesses with solutions dedicated to prevent, detect and proceed with detected fraud.  Identification of the current status and clients’ expectations enables us to prepare solutions tailored to individual client’s needs, based on broad business and operational experience of our professionals.

The fraud risk management team comprises certified auditors, experienced professionals specializing in a variety of fields, lawyers, IT specialists and programmers, who, thanks to their outstanding analytical, investigating, programming skills and deep understanding of business specifics may offer clients support in the following aspects:

  • Fraud management: investigating fraud (forensic audits), explanatory proceedings, collecting evidence, e-discovery, fraud related studies;
  • Compliance management: analysis of compliance  with internal and external regulations (US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, AML – local regulations and Third Directive), implementing compliance management  programs;
  • Fraud prevention: building fraud prevention strategy, evaluation and support in the process of  building fraud prevention structures, sales and client service related      fraud, preventing business involvement in Missing Trader Fraud, client  fraud, technical fraud and other specific fraud types;
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) support: review of anti-laundering controls, analysis of supporting tools and client evaluation methods, defining the scope related to the actual beneficiary;
  • Support in disputes: we perform valuation of fraud-related losses and help clients in collecting evidence and formulating claims in fraud related actions, offer support in financial      and contractual dispute settlement, M&A decisions; further, we support clients in forensic due diligence, determining fraud, irregularity and non-compliance risk level;
  • Training: we provide training sessions and workshops improving fraud and compliance risk awareness;
  • Business intelligence services: we  help our clients to unveil the true nature of their clients and trading  partners;
  • Data  analyses: we perform advanced  investigative data analyses regarding large transaction and data volumes included in financial and accounting systems, CRM, commission calculation and payment systems. We assist in detecting irregularities and fraud undetectable with traditionally applied methods;
  • Recovery of deleted data and search of computer files: we help to recover deleted information and perform its analysis;
  • Technology: support in implementation of technologies supporting fraud risk and money laundering prevention.