In-House Fraud Investigation Teams: 2017 Benchmarking Report

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Recently, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) has published In-House Fraud Investigation Teams: 2017 Benchmarking Report. The study covered issues related to the structure, performance and operations of internal fraud investigation teams. The report presents the results of a survey conducted among ACFE members.

According to the information presented in the report, the biggest organizations (with more than 10 thousands employees) employ on average 59 people who conduct fraud investigations within the organization, while middle-sized companies (with between 100 and 999 employees) have internal fraud investigation teams of approximately 10 members. Smaller companies employing less than 100 people form fraud investigation teams of about 6 investigators.

60% of the fraud investigation teams carry out investigations within an average of 30 days, and the results of the work are reported most often to the head of internal audit or to the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management.

More than half of the teams investigate up to 5 cases in a single period of time, and investigations are most often conducted in the insurance industry. In addition, abuse, which is the subject of analysis of fraud investigation teams, has been most often made by employees and by company customers.

Most organizations recover 25% or less of the total loss caused by the internal fraud. By contrast, nearly 1/4 of companies often recover more than half of the total value of losses. It was noted that in some cases the cost of recovering losses may be too high for potential benefits.

According to the authors of the survey the information provided in the report can be used to compare the performance of the in-house fraud investigation teams between organizations of the similar size and operating in the same industry. It can also contribute to the improvement of internal processes and allocation of resources.

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